Excessive crying

The crying of babies with colic may be reduced with acupuncture, according to controversial new research from Sweden. read more >>> Source:: BBC

Meet the 35-year-old who went from a kitchen-table startup to becoming a major tech CEO

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND — Demet Mutlu launched her e-commerce company from her kitchen table as a student at Harvard Business School while studying for an MBA and is now the CEO of the largest employers in e-commerce in Turkey. Mutlu dropped out in her first year […]

Yep, Scott Patterson’s Favorite ‘Gilmore Girls’ Moment Is That Jess Scene

Scott Patterson’s favorite Luke moment on “Gilmore Girls” is ours, too. The actor who plays the perma-grumpy diner proprietor on the show answered some fan questions for Elle Magazine in a video posted Monday. Asked about Luke’s best scene from the original WB (and later […]

Shell Canada seals second deepwater well off Nova Scotia, silent on results

Shell is moving to seal off the second of its two deepwater exploration wells off Nova Scotia. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Redditors Imagine If President Barack Obama Tweeted Like Donald Trump

What *if* President Barack Obama had used the same regularly-offensive and inflammatory tone on Twitter that President-elect Donald Trump does? It’s probably safe to say that the last eight years could have shaped up a whole lot differently. With that in mind, Redditors have been […]

Jeremy Corbyn under pressure from Labour MPs ahead of make-or-break by-elections

LONDON — Jeremy Corbyn last night faced a barrage of questions from Labour MPs concerned about the party’s positions on immigration, nuclear power and Nato, as it readies itself for two tough parliamentary by-elections against the Tories. The Labour leader told the weekly private meeting […]

Dementia NEWS: High blood pressure could REDUCE Alzheimer’s disease risk

HIGH blood pressure, a condition associated with stroke and heart disease could prevent elderly people developing dementia – a disease associated with memory loss. read more >>> Source:: The Daily Express

2Cellos Conquer King’s Landing With Epic ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme Rendition

2Cellos deserve the freedom of the Seven Kingdoms for this breathtaking rendition of the “Game of Thrones” theme song. The two cellists from Croatia ― Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser ― totally own the track with their version, for which they were accompanied by the […]

Most of the world’s largest companies promise to retrain staff even if robots replace jobs

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND — 80% of companies that are adopting artificial intelligence pledge that they will still retain and retrain existing staff, according to a report by tech and consulting firm Infosys. The group polled 1,600 “senior business decision makers” at some of the largest organisations […]

Cervical cancer survivor: Menopause treatment saved me

AFTER battling acute symptoms from imbalanced hormones for 16 years, Roslyn Bell has found a new lease of life. read more >>> Source:: The Daily Express

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