Europe’s competition czar is wrong — it’s long past time to break up Google (GOOGL, GOOG)
07/19/2018 General World News
Larry Page not bad

  • European Commission competition chief Margarethe Vestager on Monday announced a $5 billion fine against Google for illegally using its dominance of smartphone operating systems to thwart rivals.
  • Although this was the second multi-billion dollar fine in two years against the company for anticompetitive behavior, Vestager dismissed the idea that regulators ought to be pursuing a breakup of the company.
  • But that position is wrong-headed, because the actions taken against Google so far have done little to constrain its behavior and have left its ill-gotten dominance of particular markets intact.
  • Regulators such as Vestager need to start pursuing a breakup of the search giant read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com

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