Goldman Sachs’ head of HR says an ‘underrated’ factor should make a big difference in which job you choose — especially if you’re going to be logging long hours
09/13/2018 General World News
Dane Holmes

  • Goldman Sachs‘ head of human resources, Dane Holmes, spoke to Goldman interns this summer about his best advice for launching a successful career.
  • Holmes said the single most underrated factor when choosing a job is the quality of your prospective coworkers.
  • In fact, Holmes said the particular job you’re doing can be secondary to the environment and the people.

“Working hard feels very different when you like the people around you and when you don’t.”

That’s according to Dane Holmes, who is the global head of human capital management and the leadership development group Pine Street at Goldman Sachs. This summer, Holmes read more >>>

Source:: BusinessInsider.Com

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