Judge tells jury in historic Barclays trial that ‘sham agreement’ must implicate the Qataris, too
01/31/2019 General World News
Barclays former CEO John Varley

  • The judge in a trial of former Barclays CEO John Varley and three of his colleagues over an allegedly fraudulent deal with Qatar told a jury that entities connected to Qatar must be just as dishonest as the Barclays bankers, if the prosecution’s case is correct.
  • The UK Serious Fraud Office alleges that Varley and the other executives misled investors while raising funds from Qatar investors during the financial crisis.
  • The defendants, including Varley’s coworkers Roger Jenkins, Thomas Kalaris, and Richard Boath, all pleaded not guilty to charges of misleading investors in fundraising.

The judge in the historic Barclays trial in London told read more >>>

Source:: BusinessInsider.Com

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