Professional hackers managed to sneak fake horoscope apps past Amazon and Google that spied on people’s conversations with Alexa and Google Assistant
10/21/2019 General World News
Google Home Mini

  • Whitehat hackers have proven that it’s possible to develop malicious apps hosted by Google Home or Amazon Alexa that spy on users’ conversations and phish for personal information like passwords.
  • The eavesdropping apps, posing as astrology apps and random number generators, passed Amazon and Google security checks, meaning they could be downloaded onto any Alexa or Google Home-enabled device.
  • Whitehat hackers created and publicized the apps to demonstrate pitfalls in Amazon and Google security standards — the eavesdropping apps have not been used against unsuspecting users, and have since been removed by the developer.
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    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com

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