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7 books that will make you smarter in a single plane ride

Flying offers the opportunity to disconnect from the internet — unless you pay for it — and turn your mind off from the constant barrage of phone notifications. Why not spend that time getting smarter on a topic you’ve always wanted to learn more about. […]

How One District Solved Its Special Education Dropout Problem

Efforts to remove the stigma for students with disabilities have paid off. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

How much student loan debt people owe in each state shows some graduates are getting screwed

Student loan debt continues to be a huge burden for many Americans. Graduates in the Northeast have more debt on average, while those in the Southwest had the least on average. Families in the Northeast tend to spend more on college than those in other […]

Ohio State University suspended 37 fraternities on campus — the most aggressive move yet in the rush for colleges to crack down on hazing

Ohio State University suspended 37 fraternities, pointing to hazing and alcohol violations. No sororities were suspended. Eleven fraternities had been under investigation since the start of the school year. The Ohio State University suspended 37 fraternities organizations from campus Thursday, citing instances of hazing and […]

How Can Academic Institutions Foster Innovative Learning And Creativity Without Diversity?

We must provide broader access to higher education to ensure success for a more diverse student body. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

A surprising number of doctors were undergrad English majors — and it’s not just about GPA

English majors are surprisingly well-represented in US medical schools. They have a higher acceptance rate than applicants coming from science backgrounds. And it’s not necessarily the case that English easier than biology or chemistry. There’s a decent chance your doctor didn’t study biology, chemistry, or […]

The Low Number Of Students With Disabilities Graduating From College Is A Crisis

How better soft skills might boost low college persistence and employment rates. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

A Texas State University fraternity pledge has died — continuing the alarming trend of deaths at public university fraternities

A 20-year-old Texas State University fraternity pledge died Monday. Texas State suspended all Greek organization activities. It is the fourth fraternity pledge to die in 2017. Texas State University on Tuesday suspended the activities of all Greek organizations following the death of a pledge — […]

Earthquake causes South Korea to postpone critical college entrance exam

A 5.4 magnitude earthquake rocked South Korea, damaging school buildings. As a result, South Korea’s schools postponed the college entrance exams, which are highly competitive and essentially shut down the entire nation. After a magnitude 5.4 earthquake near Pohang, South Korea, shook the nation and […]

Bridgepoint SEC Filing Raises Questions About Continued Federal Funding

A filing Monday with the Securities Exchange Commission by troubled Bridgepoint Education raises questions about the company’s read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

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