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These Plastic Bottles Full Of Bleach Light Up Homes Without Electricity

About 1.2 billion people worldwide don’t have access to electricity. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

BYU-Idaho Instructor Says She Was Fired After Supporting LGBTQ Rights

The adjunct professor and LDS member says the Mormon university objected to a pro-queer Facebook post. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

People living in the Northeast are paying nearly twice as much for college because of the schools they choose

Attending college is a cornerstone of the American Dream, but the path to get there looks different for everyone. A new report from student loan lender Sallie Mae found that families living in the Northeast are more likely than the rest of the US to […]

A dean of MBA admissions at a top-ranked school shares his best advice to write a great application essay

Grades aren’t enough. To get into top business school programs, you must not only prove yourself academically capable, but also demonstrate you have certain personality traits that signal to schools you will be an exemplary business professional. Many of those softer skills come through clearest […]

Safety Is A Top Concern For Indian Students Admitted To US Schools For Fall: Report

Experts say that hate crimes targeting the South Asian community are to blame. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Arizona Republican Still Wants 2010 Law To Ban All Ethnic Studies

It’s part of a “lifelong crusade against racism,” Tom Horne testified Tuesday. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

The 25 highest-paying jobs you can get with a bachelor’s degree

Whoever said that a college degree isn’t worth the paper it’s written on never considered becoming an engineer. Typically, you need a bachelor’s degree to do that, and whether you want to go into architecture or aerospace, you don’t need any more education to earn […]

There’s an epidemic of grade inflation and unearned As in American high schools

More high school students in the US are graduating than ever before, in part because of rising grade-point averages. But a new study suggests the trend isn’t cause for celebration. Over the last two decades, high school GPAs have risen considerably while SAT scores have […]

A dean of MBA admissions who has been reading applications for 15 years says the biggest mistake you can make is easily avoidable

A business school application has a number of components that you must nail in order to earn a school’s acceptance. But with so many different places to potentially screw up, the whole process can be nerve-racking. Luckily, the worst thing you can do is easy […]

Columbia University Settled Lawsuit With Man Who Allegedly Raped Emma Sulkowicz

Paul Nungesser claimed the university supported an “outrageous display of harassment and defamation.” read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

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