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The quietest market in decades is masking big money-making opportunities

The stock market went quiet long before the summer slowdown. In its boring grind higher, the S&P 500 has gone more than a year without a 5% pullback, the longest streak since 1995, according to LPL Financial. And, Wall Street’s benchmark gauge of market activity […]

Traders betting against Chipotle have been doing it all wrong (CMG)

Tuesday’s sharp loss in Chipotle shares following the company’s latest food safety scare should’ve been a major boost to short sellers. Instead, they remain in the red for the year after a series of decisions that left them ill-equipped to fully profit from a big […]

A ‘big fall’ in markets is coming as traders put record cash to work

In global markets, all signs of sentiment are pointing up. And it’s that very unbridled enthusiasm that could spell their downfall. But before we get into the negative implications, let’s take stock of everything that shows just how overtly bullish investors are feeling right now. […]

Credit agency pushes feds to give it access to list of social insurance numbers

The international credit reporting agency TransUnion is pushing the federal government to give it access to a monthly list of new social insurance numbers despite years of rejections over privacy concerns. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

An alarming number of Americans are worse off than their parents and we’re not talking about it enough

The sharp and steady increase in US inequality in recent decades has been well documented. Less attention has been paid to a potentially even more important and alarming trend — a decline in US social mobility. After all, this is the very essence of the […]

The hedge fund that turned Whole Foods into a takeover target for Amazon is walking away with $300 million

Jana Partners is getting paid handsomely for its effort to push Whole Foods into making some changes, a drive that led to the company’s sale to Amazon. The activist hedge fund, which bought a more than 8% stake in Whole Foods in early April, liquidated […]

DAVID BLANCHFLOWER: The Fed’s misleading view of the job market reflects ‘a huge intellectual failure’

The Federal Reserve is making a big policy error by raising interest rates, and it is doing so because policymakers are wedded to failed economic models that ignore deep underemployment and a weak underlying economic environment. That’s the view of David Blanchflower, a former member […]

There’s a simple reason why Elon Musk always talks down the price of Tesla stock (TSLA)

Tesla stock had been on a tear through the first half of 2017, at one point threatening $400 per share. The last few weeks have witnessed a pullback from those heights, with the stock now trading at around $330 — still up over 50% since […]

GOLDMAN SACHS: One of the market’s biggest fears is overblown

Goldman Sachs says investors have been getting increasingly wary of tightening corporate profit margins. The firm’s response: don’t worry about it. The measure in question is National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) profit margin — a piece of data calculated by the government that’s fallen […]

A former biotech executive who’s living with terminal cancer wants to reset expectations about new cancer treatments

Michael D. Becker, a former biotech executive, knows a lot about cancer drug development. In 2015, he was diagnosed with head and neck cancer, which was caused by human papillomavirus (or HPV), a sexually transmitted infection. After the diagnosis, Becker used his expertise in the […]

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