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REVEALED: How commuting on public transport ‘could be making you DEAF’

COMMUTING on public transport or by bike could be making you deaf, scientists claim. read more >>> Source:: The Daily Express

Three cups of coffee a day ‘may have health benefits’

But there is no reason to start drinking coffee for health reasons, the BMJ study found. read more >>> Source:: BBC

Counting the cost of the tampon tax

What women spend on tampons during their lifetimes, and how much of that goes to the government. read more >>> Source:: BBC

Soup Restaurant Teams With Family Farm to Serve Farm-to-table Freshness

Pumpkins, squash, beets and collard greens are just a few of the more than 50 different crops that Garner’s Produce in Virginia grows and sells at farmers markets about two hours away in Washington, D.C. At a small soup shop in the northwest section of […]

Coffee health benefits: Drinking THIS much could protect you from killer illnesses

DRINKING three or four cups of coffee a day provides protection against heart disease, cancer, diabetes and dementia, research suggests. read more >>> Source:: The Daily Express

Submarine Disasters: Rare, Tragic

The disappearance this month of an Argentine navy submarine with 44 crew aboard showed the perils that submariners face. Although submarine disasters are rare, here are some of the worst of recent decades. Kursk catastrophe On August 12, 2000, the Russian guided missile submarine K-141 […]

Anne Wafula-Strike: Paralympian wins train toilet payout

Anne Wafula-Strike was on a three-hour train journey with an out-of-order accessible loo. read more >>> Source:: BBC

Bad breath warning: These FIVE hidden health problems could be REVEALED by foul smell

BAD BREATH is unpleasant, but it could also be a sign of an underlying health condition, such as kidney disease or cirrhosis, says an expert. read more >>> Source:: The Daily Express

Nigeria Oil Spills Double Risk of Infant Mortality, Research Shows

Babies are much more likely to die in their first few weeks of life if their mothers live close to the site of an oil spill, according to new research. Scientists studied data on infant mortality and oil spills in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region – […]

Diabetes: Why eating PEANUTS could be the key for type 2 patients

DIABETES type 2 symptoms could be controlled by eating peanuts, as they can help to manage blood sugar levels throughout the day, according to research. read more >>> Source:: The Daily Express

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