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Eating THIS vegetable will help get rid of FLU and cold symptoms in just 24 hours

FLU and the common cold share symptoms including sore throat, runny nose and sneezing. This is how to get better in 24 hours. read more >>> Source:: The Daily Express

California Condor, a Rare Environmental Success Story

At their low point in the late 1980s, there were 22 California condors left in the world. But in 1992, after dedicated efforts to save them, the condors began rebounding. Today, these magnificent raptors are coming back. VOA’s Kevin Enochs reports. read more >>> Source:: […]

Supplement warning: Study found 98 per cent of people are deficient in THIS nutrient

SUPPLEMENTS are often claimed to be unnecessary, but new research suggests omega-3 is one you probably do need. read more >>> Source:: The Daily Express

Mental health staff on long-term stress leave up 22%

The number of staff taking long-term leave has risen steadily over the past five years. read more >>> Source:: BBC

As Africa Warms, Mosquito Carrying Zika, Dengue More Likely to Thrive

From deadly droughts and destroyed crops to shrinking water sources, communities across sub-Saharan Africa are struggling to withstand the onslaught of global record-breaking temperatures. But the dangers do not end there. Rising heat poses another threat, one that is far less known and studied but […]

Deep Sleep: Even Jellyfish Need Their Slumber

Even a jellyfish — one of Earth’s first and most ancient animals — needs its sleep. Scientists said on Thursday they have demonstrated that a primitive type of jellyfish called Cassiopea goes to sleep nightly. While sleep has been confirmed in other invertebrates such as […]

Study: Daily Half Hour’s Exercise Could Prevent 1 in 12 Early Deaths

People who exercise five days a week for 30 minutes significantly reduce their risk of dying early and of developing heart disease, even if a sports club or gym is not an option, according to a new international study. Tracking 130,000 people in 17 countries, […]

Papworth Hospital granted royal title by Queen

Papworth Hospital opened as a tuberculosis colony and celebrates its 100th year in 2018. read more >>> Source:: BBC

Thirty minutes of exercise is the secret to living longer

THIRTY minutes of exercise five times a week could save millions of Britons from dying early, research has found. read more >>> Source:: The Daily Express

Six Decades Later, Japan Victims of Mercury Poisoning Still Fight to Be Heard

Shinobu Sakamoto was just 15 when she left her home in the southern Japanese fishing village of Minamata to go to Stockholm and tell the world of the horrors of mercury poisoning. Forty-five years on, she is traveling again, this time to Geneva, to attend […]

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