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No One LOLs Like Gaston Watching ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Without CGI

Every once in a while something comes along that makes you say what the Belle? That happened recently when footage of Dan Stevens behind the scenes of “Beauty and the Beast” got out. Get ready. This can’t be unseen: I finally can say that @thatdanstevens […]

News Roundup for May 26, 2017

Your daily dose so you can seem more woke than your friends. 1. Jared Kushner is a person of interest in the Russia probe. He’s not suspected of any wrongdoing. Yet. More here. 2. The G-7 is underway in Italy. Will Trump continue to be […]

This Device Holds Your Head Up So You Can Nap Hands-Free

One of the most annoying problems with napping on a plane happens when your head lolls about and you can’t find a comfortable and considerate way to prop it up. Inventors have offered up various fixes over the years, from inflatable hoodies to a head […]

Photo Series Shows Kids Enjoying Childhood Without Technology

A stunning photo series is showcasing the joys of a tech-free childhood. New Zealand photographer and mother of four, Niki Boon, documented her children’s everyday lives in a series she calls “Childhood in the Raw.” “This project came into being with our decision to educate […]

This Crazy Forest Mirror Illusion Will Transport You To Another World

This mirror-illusion video has people doing a double-take. Entitled “Walk in the Woods,” it’s the creation of Kevin Parry, a stop-motion animator at LAIKA. Be mesmerized as Parry travels through a mirror from one forest to another world, only to return moments later. Watch the […]

Explore America’s Stunning Marine Sanctuaries Without Getting Wet

The United States is home to many underwater treasures: the haunting shipwrecks of Thunder Bay, the colorful corals of Gray’s Reef, the barnacle-covered statue of Christ in the Florida Keys. For most Americans, however, these sights are out of reach. Though half of the U.S. […]

Bill Maher Tells Donald Trump To ‘F**k Mars’ And Make Earth Great Again

Bill Maher is just about done with people who say they want to explore and colonize Mars — including President Donald Trump. In a new ATTN:-produced animation released Wednesday, the “Real Time” host called on billionaires and politicians to “stop fantasizing that Mars is Earth’s […]

Bill Gates Wants You To Read Trevor Noah’s Memoir This Summer

Deepen your mind while you deepen your tan. Microsoft founder, philanthropist and avid bookworm Bill Gates has a few book recommendations for the summer. Each of the titles, which he listed in a blog post on Monday, are meant to help readers better understand the […]

Miss USA Reminds Young Women That They Have A Seat At The Table In STEM

Recently-crowned Miss USA Kára McCullough has some powerful words for women and girls who wish to pursue a career in STEM. In a video for Now This posted on Wednesday, McCullough talks about how much she loves her position as emergency preparedness specialist with the […]

Uber Vows To Repay NYC Drivers ‘Tens Of Millions’ After Tax Snafu

Uber says it will reimburse its New York City drivers “tens of millions” of dollars in lost earnings for miscalculating its commission there for several years. The ride-hailing company said it had inadvertently calculated its commission since November 2014 based on drivers’ “gross” fares ― […]