‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ finally gives us a worthy movie in the franchise after years of duds
10/23/2019 General World News
Terminator Dark Fate 2 Paramount

  • The “Terminator” franchise finally has a winner with “Terminator: Dark Fate.”
  • Years of underwhelming sequels have been scrapped from the canon and “Dark Fate” takes place after the events of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.”
  • There’s lots of action, strong fight sequences, and top-notch acting — especially from Linda Hamilton, who returns as Sarah Connor.
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After James Cameron’s “The Terminator” in 1984 — which is regarded as a landmark work in science fiction as well as special effects, and put Arnold Schwarzenegger on the path to super stardom — there have been four read more >>>

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