This VR startup impressed Andreessen Horowitz so much that the VC firm flew back from Vegas to hammer out a $68 million deal at In-N-Out
01/28/2019 General World News
Sandbox Vr

  • Sandbox VR makes virtual reality experiences which combine off-the-shelf hardware, green screens, and custom content.
  • Now it’s raising $68 million from investors including Andreessen Horowitz to expand to New York, L.A., Austin, and Chicago.

In Sandbox VR founder Steve Zhao’s thinking, his company goes against all of the major trends in technology and investing.

But Sandbox VR is also a lot of fun when you experience it — which has helped the VR startup raise $68 million from top-tier investors, led by Sand Hill Road stalwart Andreessen Horowitz.

The round was joined by Mike Mapels from Floodgate, Stanford University, TriplePoint Capital, CRCM, read more >>>

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